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The first 2 days of the eruption in 1959   Fountain seen from the north edge of Kapoho farmlots south of the fissure in 1959   Fountain and cone as seen from Pu`u Kea just southwest of Kapoho town. Several houses in the town are visible in the foreground   Looking southeastward toward fountain at main vent (left), which feeds river flowing through breach in cinder-pumice cone. Spatter cone (right) is higher than the main cone   Imagine yourself immersed in the warm waters of Lagoon House's private warm pond!
Lava flow in nearby Volcano National Park   Kapoho Volcano - 1959, Lagoon House with then orange roof            


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Sitting on a 10,000 square-foot thermally heated ocean fed 87 degrees tidal pool, the Lagoon House is the #1 vacation rental in the Big Island and the ONLY Snorkeling Aquarium of its kind in the World!